Thursday, 9 October 2014

In My Kitchen ... in October

Life has been busy this month! Four generations of our family gathered for a family holiday at our newly renovated beach house at Coffin Bay. It certainly made for fun in the kitchen!

Continuing the journey to preserve our family's culinary history Yiayia - 88 years young - taught us how to make Chicken Pilaf. It is one of our family's most favourite dishes.

Three enthusiastic (and hungry) grandsons were my assistants baking these yummy Anzac biscuits. Given how tasty the biscuit dough seemed to be I'm amazed that we had leftover to bake!

Anzac biscuits are perfect with a cup of Greek coffee we found! I love these cups and plates found at  IKEA.

A family gathering called for Sunday morning Greek pancakes. This was all that was left of this local (Eyre Peninsula) award winning honey when we had finished! It is a beautiful honey - I can highly recommend it!

In my holiday kitchen I made vast quantities of hommous. I prefer to do this from scratch soaking the chickpeas overnight rather than using cans of chickpeas.

I'm looking forward to trying these capers which are produced in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Cooked up in a light fresh tomato and chilli broth by daughter Sophie, these succulent fresh mussels fresh from the sea were amongst the best I've ever eaten.

Finally, in my holiday kitchen we enjoyed salmon as our 'Catch of the Day'. Caught at what must be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Gunyah Beach in the Coffin Bay National Park - the boys were well pleased with themselves.

Thank you so much for visiting my holiday kitchen. Do you too, enjoy locating/catching/cooking local produce when on holiday?

To peek in other fabulous kitchens around the world visit Celia's Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog where the In My Kitchen series is hosted. It is well worth the visit!

Love to hear from you!




  1. Sounds like a wonderful family gathering! We did something similar at my parents place last week.
    By the way, Nelshaby capers are great! I bought some online and was so pleased to be able to buy something like this grown in Australia...apparently much of South Australia has the perfect climate!

    1. There's nothing like a family gathering to bring out the best in family cooking - I'll bet you all had an amazing time!

      I'm keen to know more about growing capers here in South Australia - we drive past Nelshaby whenever we drive to Coffin Bay! And to think I was unaware of what wonderful products were growing there!

  2. Nice family gathering!
    I love fresh mussels too.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting all the way from Argentina! As well as loving mussels we have a great deal in common - although I have only two children! Best wishes from Australia!

  3. What a lovely time you all had! The pilaf looks delicious and the little cups from Ikea are very cute - I love how the cups are offset on the saucer. I don't think I've ever had mussels fresh from the sea - they must have been amazing! PS. You might want to check out Ella's IMK post this month - it's full of Greek delights! :)

    1. Celia, it was an amazing time! If you get the chance to enjoy mussels fresh from the sea you will be in heaven!

      Thanks so much for pointing me to Ella's post - amazing products!

  4. G'day! Family is precious! Great post!
    Thanks for this month's kitchen view also!
    Cheers! Joanne

  5. I love those special family gatherings - and never want to take them for granted! Thanks for dropping in this month Joanne!

  6. it all looks so delicious in your kitchen marian. i love mussels, and the capers are a real find. and i made hummus this week too but with peanut butter.:)

    1. Thanks, Sherry! Your hommus with peanut butter sounds amazing! I must try it!


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