Saturday, 23 November 2013

In My Kitchen ... November

In My Kitchen ... in November I am enjoying the spectacular displays turned on by the beautiful jacarandah trees in full bloom throughout our city of Adelaide. These trees are a special favourite of mine!

In my November - yes, that's my kitchen! We live in a lovely old villa circa 1904. Every few years it needs some TLC to repair the cracks that are the result of shallow foundations and Adelaide's reactive soils. It really is worth it when it's done!

In My Kitchen ... in November I enjoyed producing morning teas for the workmen - Leo and John - with limited access to resources! These raspberry scrolls, served hot straight out of the oven - while I could access it - were a special favourite!

In my kitchen ... in November I have begun stocktaking my pantry cupboard and working my way through the multiple supplies there. Before retiring at the end of last year I was so busy that I bought the ingredients I needed for anything I was baking - just in case I had run out! As a result you do not want to know how many packs of icing sugar I found! These are some!!!

Any suggestions for how I might use them would be most welcome!

In my kitchen ... in November I am pleased, for the first time ever, to have the dried fruits and almonds for the Christmas pudding soaking in port - with weeks still left before Christmas. 

The calico has been washed - and I'm ready to make the best Christmas pudding ever!!!

It's actually been rather quiet in my kitchen in November because as well as coping with the kitchen repairs I am now also recovering from major surgery. I can't wait until December!

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