Saturday, 1 February 2014

In My Kitchen ... in February

Welcome to my kitchen!

In my kitchen in February ... I've picked, for the table, the flush of  Peace roses that surprisingly appreared after our recent searingly hot weather! They are one of my most favourite roses!

In my kitchen in February ... despite the extreme hot weather I am still managing to pick enough fresh vegetables each day to keep us out of the supermarket. Meanwhile the next fruit tree to come into season will be the Royal Gala apple - the apples are almost ripe! There's nothing like biting into a sweet, crunchy, juicy apple picked straight off the tree!

In my kitchen in February ... we are enjoying fresh summer salads made from what we pick from the garden each day!

In my kitchen in February ... I've been making a Greek dish called Horta - which literally translated means wild weeds. The plant I've used is an edible weed commonly known as smooth Amaranthus, but which the Greeks call Vlita.  It is a very pleasant green vegetable to add to your table - and easy to grow. It is a weed after all!

In my kitchen in February ... and while talking about wild weeds after reading her recent post Purslane Salad I've been inspired by Celia to try purslane that I've discovered growing in my garden!

In my kitchen in February ... I've been eating watermelon using Bizzy Lizzy's fabulous recipe - Watermelon with Pomegranate, Lime and Mint! At Bizzy Lizzy's suggestion I also tried her Watermelon with Vodka Crush and Pomegranate. It was a hot night, the cocktail(s) exceptionally cold and delicious, and I will admit to waking up with a slight headache the next morning! I highly recommend both these recipes - thanks Bizzy Lizzy, I'm one happy watermelon lover!!!

In my kitchen in February ... we are using this bright and beautiful jug given as a Kris Kringle present. It keeps water icy cold - perfect to quench thirst in our hot weather!

In my kitchen in February ... I'm pondering on what I should cook in these gorgeous Mini Cocette dishes by Vue given to me for my recent birthday. Suggestions please!

The 'In My Kitchen' series is hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. To peek into kitchens from around the world do pay her inspiring website a visit! 

Thank you for visiting my kitchen!



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