Saturday, 23 November 2013

In My Kitchen ... November

In My Kitchen ... in November I am enjoying the spectacular displays turned on by the beautiful jacarandah trees in full bloom throughout our city of Adelaide. These trees are a special favourite of mine!

In my November - yes, that's my kitchen! We live in a lovely old villa circa 1904. Every few years it needs some TLC to repair the cracks that are the result of shallow foundations and Adelaide's reactive soils. It really is worth it when it's done!

In My Kitchen ... in November I enjoyed producing morning teas for the workmen - Leo and John - with limited access to resources! These raspberry scrolls, served hot straight out of the oven - while I could access it - were a special favourite!

In my kitchen ... in November I have begun stocktaking my pantry cupboard and working my way through the multiple supplies there. Before retiring at the end of last year I was so busy that I bought the ingredients I needed for anything I was baking - just in case I had run out! As a result you do not want to know how many packs of icing sugar I found! These are some!!!

Any suggestions for how I might use them would be most welcome!

In my kitchen ... in November I am pleased, for the first time ever, to have the dried fruits and almonds for the Christmas pudding soaking in port - with weeks still left before Christmas. 

The calico has been washed - and I'm ready to make the best Christmas pudding ever!!!

It's actually been rather quiet in my kitchen in November because as well as coping with the kitchen repairs I am now also recovering from major surgery. I can't wait until December!

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  1. Marion, I hope all is ok - major surgery is always worrying! Get well soon! I loved the jacarandas, how glorious they look all lined up on the street like that! The raspberry scrolls look fabulous, and I hope your kitchen is back to full working order soon! What to do with icing - friands? :)

    (PS. Just to let you know, next month I’m going to ask folks to post their IMK posts by the 10th. Hope that’s ok, it’s just to help me manage my time a bit, the gathering is growing so large it’s getting to be a bit of work! :) )

  2. Celia, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm on the road to recovery - you can't keep a good woman down for too long!

    Thanks for the alert for the due date - it will suit me well! Getting some routine back into my life will be welcomed!

    Congratulations on the growth of IMK - it has certainly captured our imaginations! I can only imagine the workload!

  3. Hi Marion. I hope you are feeling better. I love Jacarandahs. Perth looks much the same at the moment. They are glorious. Since I love them so much I decided to contribute to the Jacarandah landscape and planted one in my back garden. Big mistake ... oh well. I have planted quite a few in Bridgetown but they barely flower - too cold.
    You do have an icing sugar problem :) Because we have two houses and two pantries we have taken to using cards to list items as we buy them so we know what we have. When we use it we cross it of. That way you don't buy things you already have.

    I hope your kitchen is all back to normal. It certainly looks like a lovely old one. Congratulations on getting your fruit soaking so early. That is retirement for you!!

    1. Hi Glenda! I am on the mend - thank goodness! I have a jacaranda obession too - and had three designed into the beautiful new garden at the front of my school. The view of these from my office pleased me immensely - and they are growing into beautiful trees!

      Because John (my husband) and I will be travelling more regularly between here and our holiday home at Coffin Bay I will take your lead and develop a checklist too.

      The kitchen is almost to normal - I'll do the last bits as my recovery allows.

      And you are right - retirement is a wonderful time of life!!!

  4. Hi there… loving this post… hope you are resting and on the mend… those Jacarandas are so pretty! We saw them en masse in Kiama when we visited recently. Re the icing sugar, try my creamy coconut ice… it's a cracker of a recipe and great for gifts. Tell me, when are you posting the raspberry scrolls recipe?! Waiting patiently : )

  5. Hi Liz! Thanks for your suggestion re the creamy coconut ice - I've added it to the list of Christmas goodies I hope to make once I've bounced back!

    I'll get onto the scrolls for you! I didn't take any shots of the preparation - but I know the grandsons will enjoy a batch soon so I'll be better organised!

    Rest and recovery - I'm onto it! No choice really! So,thanks for your patience!!! : )

  6. Major surgery? I do hope you are doing well and it wasn't serious. I heard some good old fashioned bed rest and spoiling yourself a bit can do miracles, and wishing you a very quick recovery.
    p.s. the photos with trees in full bloom is so beautiful, nothing compared to our rainy November.

  7. Hi Gintare,
    Thanks for your kind wishes! While the surgery was major it wasn't for anything serious. It will be positively life changing for me however! I am being very well looked after by my husband, John! He is spoiling me - and doing a great job of cooking!

    I'm so glad you like the jacaranda trees - I just adore them! It was 37C here today - hard to believe that it could be wintery and raining somewhere else!

    Again, thanks for your kind wishes xxx


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