Monday, 2 March 2015

In My Kitchen ... in March 2015

I have a confession to make. In my kitchen very little cooking has been happening - for a while now!

Why you might ask? Well, I now have a lived experience of how incredibly debilitating and excruciatingly painful 24/7 sciatic pain can be. Fortunately, after trying a number of options, I've just had a treatment that has worked, and so slowly, slowly I'm returning to health!

These trying few months have certainly highlighted to me the importance of our health - and how fragile it really is. I've been investigating the concept of 'food as medicine' - and what part foods might play in healing my body that has been assualted by pain, anaethestics, pain killing drugs and antibiotics! To say my gut microbes have been compromised is an understatement!

All is not lost however! I have focussed my attention on making bone broths, exploring fermented foods for the first time, and making the most of fresh summer vegetables grown organically in our little garden. I know too, that what I have learnt will continue to influence my future cooking!

In my kitchen I have embraced principles of the Paleo diet. I've been craving chicken soup as my body heals. This a  Paleo chicken bone broth soup that I made for lunch. With celery, carrot, spring onions, ginger and chilli plus a squeeze of lime juice for freshness it was yummy! I'll be putting this recipe up on the blog soon if you are interested.

These beef marrow bones are currently roasting in the oven before I place them in the slow cooker along with water and apple cider vinegar to cook slowly for 24 hours.

Up until now my experience with fermented foods has been limited to the recent discovery of kombucha. I found this punchy kimchi at Romeo's Heath Store in North Adelaide. I'm really enjoying the spicy flavours but will need to start making my own as it is very expensive! If anyone can recommend recipes for probiotic rich saurkrauts, kimchis and the like I would be very grateful.

What a joy it is to eat home grown produce from our garden. We have eaten simple salads drizzled with EVOO all summer long.

With not much cooking happening in my kitchen I thought I would share with you my original mixmaster. It's a Sunbeam, given to me by my parents as an engagement gift - which makes it a vintage circa 1974 model! Despite having taken a beating over the years it still works - although at only one medium speed. 

In my heart of hearts I confess that I think it makes a better cake than my current fabulously expensive mixer! Maybe, like old and dear friends, we just understand each other's foibles better!

Thank you so much for visiting my kitchen this month! Please do visit Fig Jam and Lime Cordial where the amazing and generous Celia hosts the In My Kitchen series. There you will find wonderful kitchens from around the world to peek in to!

Wishing you good health!



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